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Juesco Nigeria Limited is an indigenous oil and gas servicing company incorporated under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria on 29th day of April 2011 and began business on may 1st on the same year. We provides support services for clients, contractors, engineers, individuals within the industry. Our engineering services include fabrication, pipeline welding pumping services, maintenance and calibration, heavy duty equipment supply, installation and maintenance. Juesco has various equipment for lease and also in the business of managing fleets and vessels for our clients. With our experience and technical expertise we resolve all our deals at the point of cost, efficiency and benefit synchronize.We are proud of our rich heritage and track of delivering quality and excellent products and services. For Juesco, success is a team work treasured.  This we achieve together with our highly esteemed customers. Providing the right quality is an essential part of our service philosophy and is reflected in all our business activities. We achieve this through our belief in building strong and lasting relationships set on a bedrock of integrity, high ethical standards, meticulous planning and unflinching dedication to plan execution.  We are proud of what we do for you. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are proud to share our organization with you and look forward to serving you.