JUESCO NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to safe work system that enhances prevention of injury, ill health to all her employees and third party, and continual improvement of her HSE Management System and performance in compliance with OHSAS 18001:2007 standard, and other relevant requirements.

JNL shall achieve this goal in course of EQUIPMENT RENTALS, PROCUREMENT, LOGISTICS AND ENGINEERING SERVICES for Onshore and Offshore project support services by setting realistic targets to fulfill our objectives and values representing our business obligations to stakeholders and the larger society.

In order to achieve this policy, JUESCO NIGERIA LIMITED MANAGEMENT will ensure that it’s Health, Safety and Environmental Management System:

  1. Identifies and complies with all statutory and other requirements relevant to all her ope
  1. Engages in open and transparent communication with all her employees and third parties and clients’ in order to make them aware of their individual health and safety responsibilities
  2. Provides the basis for setting and reviewing its health and safety objectives and for achieving continual improvements. This will be documented, implemented and maintained throughout Juesco’s operations and shall be make available to all interested parties.
  1. Identifies and maintains appropriate competence, training, consultation, awareness and knowledge base programs required for our employees to necessitate safe operations and comply with health and safety requirement
  1. Manages and controls risks though adequate hazards identification and risk assessment, provision and maintenance of appropriate suitable control measures capable of either eliminating the hazards risk or reducing its impact to
  1. Recognises our individual and collective accountabilities for the duty of care and safety of one another at work and the consequences of our actions and hold all level of management accountable for Health and Safety matters in their respective areas of

Every employees and third party is not only authorised, but has an obligation to STOP a job that poses risk to people.



  1. To create opportunities for the development of local (Nigerian) manpower and foster technology transfer by the available interface between Nigerians . and their expatriate counterpart.
  1. To support the economic empowerment programs of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the development of local technologies, as well as encourage the manufacturing and services industry by patronizing made in Nigeria goods and services.
  1. To validate our commitment to the well being of our local and remote environment through Mutual Corporation in service deliveries that will enhance the standard of work, and life of our
  1. To support the preservation of both local and global ecosystems by creating awareness and managing all associated environmental and sanitary
  1. To support the Nigerian economy by ensuring that our financial involvement as operators in the Nigerian energy sector will to a large extent encourage the patronage of the Nigerian financial sectors which includes but not limited to- banks, insurance, securities, pension funds amongst others.
  1. To deliver services that will boost the corporate integrity of the Nigerian image through the delivery of quality services to our clients.



We strive to continuously ensure that all procedures from the initial customer contact, through the function or order processing, materials control, fabrication and Maintenance are properly controlled and monitored.

Our quality system will henceforth direct all our efforts to comply with the following main objectives:

  • Provide products and services to meet and exceed customers’ expectations
  • Provide superior value to our customers through continual improvement initiatives or process

Provide high quality products at a lowest cost.

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